What We Offer


With ties to key federal and state decision-makers, WCA advocates on issues directly affecting our industry. We work hard to promote your interests and protect your livelihood.

Education & Training

WCA provides a wide array of training services to enhance your knowledge and your employees’ skills at the WCA Regional Training Center or at your company’s worksite.


WCA can help you expand your professional relationships by bringing together contractors, suppliers and leaders to discuss issues as well as share experiences, expertise and ideas.

Savings / Promotions

WCA has several “members only” discount programs offering quality products at considerable savings. WCA also has programs which help you promote your business through advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Latest News

Paving with Courtesy

When talking to contractors from neighboring states we discuss everything you’d expect: technology, materials, supply, stories of disaster, success, or close calls. But when the conversation turns to government relations and we describe the partnership our association...

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From Scuba Diving To Nose Grinding

It was like a dream. Rolling out of a bed on a boat in the Caymans, enjoying a delicious breakfast, slipping into a wetsuit and seeing the ocean’s wonders. Then returning to the warmth and comfort of the boat deck, being rocked to sleep by the waves and then doing it...

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What Happens When the Boomers Are Gone?

How Do We Fill the Gap? The Term “baby boomer” generally refers to a person born between the end of World War II and 1964.  Many industries and high-demand skilled trades are dominated by the baby boomers.  There are currently 76.4 million baby boomers or 25% of the...

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