What We Offer


With ties to key federal and state decision-makers, WCA advocates on issues directly affecting our industry. We work hard to promote your interests and protect your livelihood.

Education & Training

WCA provides a wide array of training services to enhance your knowledge and your employees’ skills at the WCA Regional Training Center or at your company’s worksite.


WCA can help you expand your professional relationships by bringing together contractors, suppliers and leaders to discuss issues as well as share experiences, expertise and ideas.

Savings / Promotions

WCA has several “members only” discount programs offering quality products at considerable savings. WCA also has programs which help you promote your business through advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Latest News

Fore! Busy Season

It’s a busy Summer and I know we’ve all got a lot of work to do, so let’s make this quick. As you may have heard over the airwaves, the WCA Board of Directors decided to spring for a radio construction zone safety ad blitz through the Cowboy State News Network. One...

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A Time For Socializing

It is hard to believe we were complaining about cold weather just a few weeks ago. With this warm weather there is a lot going on at the WCA. Our members have been enjoying our socials around the state. The latest social which was held in Rock Springs was a great...

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When Cars Fly

Have you ever heard the curse “May you live in interesting times”? Well, we do and it just keeps getting more interesting. I attended the AGC Executive Leadership Conference with a host of other AGC Chapter Executives and one presentation in particular struck me as...

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