What We Offer


With ties to key federal and state decision-makers, WCA advocates on issues directly affecting our industry. We work hard to promote your interests and protect your livelihood.

Education & Training

WCA provides a wide array of training services to enhance your knowledge and your employees’ skills at the WCA Regional Training Center or at your company’s worksite.


WCA can help you expand your professional relationships by bringing together contractors, suppliers and leaders to discuss issues as well as share experiences, expertise and ideas.

Savings / Promotions

WCA has several “members only” discount programs offering quality products at considerable savings. WCA also has programs which help you promote your business through advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Latest News

Forest Fires & Political Fires

Well, another July is in the books.  Up here in the desert that is known as the Big Horn Basin, it has been hot and extremely dry, with temperatures in the triple digits and any precipitation measured in raindrops per acre (single digits).  It appears we will have an... read more


A lot has been said about Hillary Clinton breaking the so-called “glass ceiling” with her nomination as the first female presidential candidate of a major U.S. political party.  But the 2016 presidential election will make history for a number of other reasons. ... read more

Golf is Just Around the Corner

A golfer had made an awful shot and tore up a large piece of turf. He picked it up and looking about said, “What shall I do with this?”  “If I were you,” said the caddie, “I’d take it home to practice.” Okay, so maybe it’s not that... read more

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