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Weekly Legislative Recap

From Kelli Little, Legislative Director at AGC of Wyoming

AGC Legislative Action


February brings the start of the 2024 budget session of the 67th Wyoming Legislature. The legislature meets every year for either 40 days (general session) or 20 days (budget session). This year, the session will kick off on Monday, February 12 with a joint session of the House and Senate where Governor Gordon will give his State of the State address. The legislators will work long and hard to adjourn on Friday, March 8. The most important work of the legislature this session is to pass the 2025/2026 biennial budget.

Legislative Recap - Week of February 5th, 2024

Each proposed bill faces an uphill battle to become law. It first must pass an introductory vote on the floor of its house of origin (2/3 vote), pass through a committee hearing, three-floor votes, crossover to the other chamber, another committee hearing, three-floor votes, and then have any changes (amendments) reconciled between the two chambers before heading to the Governor’s desk for either signing or vetoing.

Legislative Recap - Week of March 4th, 2024

The budget session of the 67th Wyoming Legislature has reached its last week and it is coming down to the wire to get everything across the finish line, including the 25/26 biennial budget.

AGC has been tracking several bills throughout the session, testifying on those that we support and working with legislative members to make appropriate amendments and changes that improve the legislation. At the beginning of the session, there was a total of 365 bills filed. That number has been whittled down by legislative votes and deadlines.

AGC ended up with 79 bills on our tracker at the beginning of the session through the bill filing deadline on Wednesday, 2/14. Since then, many have died along the way, and we are currently tracking 33 bills.

The 25/26 biennial budget has gone through the arduous process of two rounds of amendments in both chambers. After both 2nd and 3rd reading, the positions of the chambers had a difference of $1.1 billion dollars. A conference committee has been assigned by both chambers to try to iron out the differences.

One of the biggest topics of this session has been, unsurprisingly, property tax relief.  Both chambers have heard many bills related to the topic. Those that have been successful so far include a bill making changes to the property tax refund program, the creation of a property tax deferral program, some new exemptions including for tangible personal property and for veterans, and some different approaches to homestead exemptions. As these bills continue to work through the process, we will see if the two chambers coalesce around a united package of relief for homeowners.

Other bills we have been tracking include changes to penalties for light and high-profile vehicle road closure violations, changes to charter schools, educational savings accounts for alternative education, and efforts to protect Wyoming’s interest in federal land use decision making.

One bill that was a surprise and we are cautiously supporting with some changes made is SF0114 Contractor licenses-reciprocal recognition requirements. This bill would allow reciprocity between local governments in contractor licensing. One concern has been the difference in the minimum level of required competency and making sure that entities have the authority to verify that a licensed contractor has ICC certification for the licensing to be reciprocal. This bill is headed to the House floor.

We’re also supporting and working on two bills that were sponsored by Joint Minerals related to non-coal mining. These bills include updates to the LMO statutes and a bill specifying standards for blasting in non-coal mines.

To follow all of the happenings at the Capitol and to see the legislation that AGC of Wyoming is tracking, please visit the Advocacy page on the AGC of Wyoming website: Advocacy – AGC of Wyoming.  As always, please feel free to contact me with any concerns at or 307-760-6926

2024 Legislative Review - Week of March 20th, 2024

Extending a sincere thank you to our Director of Government Affairs, Kelli Little, for her exceptional dedication and impactful work during this session. Your leadership and commitment to AGC of Wyoming are deeply appreciated. Grateful to have you driving positive change.

2024 AGC Legislative Session Recap 

2024 Legislative Tracker

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